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Search Engine Optimisation

Organic SEO

This is where pages in your website are listed on results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements.

Pay Per Click Advertising

In contrast to the above, non-organic search results include pay per click advertising. We can manage this entirely for you, or sit down and demonstrate the system so that you can get to grips with the way in which it works. As with most new projects however, we recommend that you wait a period of time for your site to become indexed by search engines naturally before leaping into this area of advertising.

Good Clean Code

Our experience over the last 10 years tells us that a key factor in the performance of search engine rankings is how well structured and clean the code is that makes up a website. Web technology is continually evolving and we're always keeping up with the pace. We'll not bore you with the details but a quick assessment of your current website may highlight hurdles that need to be overcome to improve your site's optimisation.

Traffic to your Website

The key to successful website design aside from great presentation is strong optimisation. All websites built by are naturally optimised to help you will rank well in listings without additional SEO services.

There are, however, additional ways to increase the traffic to your website which are breifly described on the left. For more information and pricing contact us.


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